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I know what you’re thinking – not another bloody mum blog by a clueless idiot. Well, you’re right. It is kinda, I won’t be blogging about my expertise – as I don’t have any, I’ve been in the mum game for quite a long time now and I’m the first to admit that I’m still just winging it!

Let me introduce myself I’m Fee, I’m the wrong side of 30 and I’m a mum. I used to struggle with being a mum, I felt as though being a mum meant I should change myself in some huge way (stupid I know) it became easier when I realised I can still be me & be mum at the same time.

I love music, gigs, clothes just all your regular stuff. I cook a lot and I’m currently hoping to find my inner baking goddess (she’s gotta be in there somewhere). I’m messy, my house is never perfect, I’m a wannabe hippy & a failing trying crafter.

I live near Manchester with my partner in crime – who shall be known as ‘Dad’ (for you know – obvious reasons) and our two little people – our daughter Madam the 15 year old book worm who hates everything & our 10 year old son Spud the Lego addict who is turning into a little foodie just like his Dad. We’ve been hoping for a 5th member of our tribe for quite some time now. Alas we have been thus far unsuccessful.

Herein shall be my tales of muddling through motherhood & trying to make the no so perfect home.

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