Ageing Gracefully

…I’m certainly not talking about myself here! I’m talking books, I’m talking Topsy and Tim books to be more precise. We’re big book lovers in our house and one of the firm favourites with the kids as youngsters were/ are Topsy and Tim. As a child I live in a cave up on top of a high mountain isolated from normal people – ok so I didn’t but the look that Dad gave me when he first brought T&T into our lives and I stated I’d never heard of them, suggested that he thought I must have had some bizarre childhood.

We have a lot of Topsy and Tim books from various years, we even have some of from when the kids Dad was a little fella. The stories have stood the test of time and some 30 years later are still (mostly) relevant and are enjoyed by Spud. They’re great books and I can’t recommend? them highly enough.

If you too have been living some bizarre existence in which Topsy and Tim have passed you by, they are great stories about twins and there adventure – quite often mundane stuff but from the kids point of view it can be a pretty epic adventure.

Let me take you away from that for a moment and get to the point. It’s been playing on my mind for a while, you see I want some of what the mum is having in these books….let me show you what I mean…

Early 80s Mum

Early 80s Mum

Here she is blonde, looking frumpy and with too much blush!

90s Mum

90s Mum

Flash forward to a red head with an obvious mumsy look about her.

Modern Mum

Modern Mum

Check her out now! Modern hair do with a bit of a yummy mummy thing going on!

I salute you Topsy and Tims’ mum, 30 years on and you’re looking better than ever. But the burning question is: what’s your secret?

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  1. 4 years ago

    Aww, I absolutely loved Topsy and Tim when I was little!!


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