Air Fix Quick Builds In Time For Dunkirk!

We love to build – me and the boy. I personally (as the Dad outs it) love all things war related. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not rooting for WW3 but I find the history and politics surrounding war fascinating I’t a bit of a war geek – if that’s even a thing. So I love me a war film and was excited for the release of Dunkirk as it’s my kind of film. Plus throw in Cillian Murphy (swoon) and Tom Hardy (all of the swoons) and it’s pretty much my ideal viewing!

When I was asked if I’d like to try out the new Air Fix Quick Builds to coincide with the release of the film I couldn’t really so no. Going slightly off topic but my Grandad was a mechanic in the Army in WW2 so although this is absolutely nothing like that, I like the idea of building with Spud some planes that my Grandad use to fix up in the war.

Spitfire Model

Messerschmitt 109 Model

Please excuse the videos but I wasn’t actually allowed any involvement in the making of the models/videos and it is all the work of my 10 year old – shot on his Nintendo 3DS. I think they’re pretty darn great when you consider that!

Dunkirk Movie Trailer (Not Made By Spud)

Spud absolutely loved making these models and I now need to put up another shelf in his room to put them on! Plus he wants to save up to buy more and complete the collection!

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