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16 Mar 2017

Changes & Reflection

I’ve not blogged for a while. I’ve been giving
29 Nov 2016

The Firepod – Dreamy Christmas Presents For The Mr

I don’t really talk that much about the Mr
25 Nov 2016

Mrs Gleam Bathroom Cleaner Review

You know those people whose houses are all shiny
26 Sep 2016

Hello Strangers. Is anybody even there?

I’ve not blogged for weeks. Been to lazy/busy. I
19 Aug 2016

The School Holidays So Far

I’ve been a bit lazy of late when it
6 Jan 2016

Another Christmas Over & Done With

The kids have been back at School since Monday
26 Oct 2015

Your Momma Is So…

Ahh the 5p bag charge, the fuss it created
9 Sep 2015


The words fancy dress tend to evoke one of
10 Aug 2015

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

School holidays, a time for the weather to rule
23 Feb 2014

To Scent Or Not To Scent?

I never really got the whole Yankee Candles thing