Cooking Up The World Cup!

Me and the man like football – the kids not so much. We’re a bit of a foodie family too. We had the idea to cook our way through the World Cup cooking dishes from all 32 of the competing countries to get the kids to try a wider range of foods and to get them more interested. When I was looking for inspiration for some of the dishes a nice lady got in touch asking if I’d be interested in doing a similar thing with a little help from Bacofoil . It would of been silly of me to turn it down, so I gladly accepted. They sent me over some recipe ideas (admittedly I have only used one of them so far) and some to use too.

Now that we are over half way through our cook off I thought I’d give a little insight into what we’ve been scoffing!

Sp here we go in no particular order…..

1.England – Picnic

2.USA – Burgers

3.Portugal – Peri Peri Chicken & Algarve Salad followed by Natas.

4.Belgium – Belgium Waffles (It would be rude not too!!)

5.Spain – Tapas – Tortilla, smashed chickpeas, Serrano wrapped asparagus etc

6.Switzerland – Venison in chocolate & grape sauce with a potato rosti (and a Toblerone obvs)

7.Italy – Homemade pizzas

8.Netherlands – Wentelteefjes – YOU NEED TO TRY THESE!!!

9.Greece – Moussaka.

10. Cameroon – Marinated mackerel, Jollof rice & plantain.

11.Honduras – Baleadas: refried beans, fried egg avocado, feta, hot sauce.

12.Argentina – Ribeye steak, Chimichurri Hasselback potatoes.

13. Iran – Iranian vegetable stew made with dried limes & barberries (nightmare to find these!!!).

14.Mexico – Bean enchiladas & spinach quesadilla.

15.Chile – Mackerel Escabeche

Massive thanks to the Dad for taking the photos and to Spud for making the flags!

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