Do You Want To Build The REAL Snowman? Penwizard Review.

Christmas…who doesn’t love it? Well lots of people actually, my parents included. It was never a big deal when I was a kid. My mum was usually just in a foul mood, and would often not get out of bed before noon. My dad just treated it as a bonus day off work. We got presents, sure we did, but my brother & I were just left to it until it was time to eat.

My husband who is not my husband loves Christmas! His family love Christmas! It’s a big deal to all of them. Now that we are our own little family I think we’re somewhere in between. Christmas is special …. but we limit it to December only, try not to go overboard and have our own little traditions that we stick to and love.

One of those traditions is every Christmas Eve just before bed we watch The Snowman – and more recently also The Snowman & Snowdog – once the kids are in their new Christmas pyjamas. The kids love it, we love it. It’s a nice peaceful way to end a hectic Christmas Eve! Before the total chaos which is sure to come in the morning. So when I was offered the chance to review a personalised The Snowman & Snowdog book I was obviously going to say ‘duh yeh’.

We have quite a few Penwizard books and they just keep getting better. One of the earliest ones ones we have is a bit dull, the story very long winded – too long for littles to enjoy but over time they’ve pretty much nailed the story quality. This book is no exception. Based on the short movie with the characters created by Raymond Briggs, the illustrations are fab. You get to choose the design of the boy/girl in your story to try and make them look like your child. Our boy in the story is a caucasian child with messy brown hair and glasses (like Spud), the cover shows your their full name as if to mimic a movie poster.

Note the clever use of scrabble pieces.

Note the clever use of scrabble pieces.

The story is well written and follows the outline of the story in the the silent film. With your child replacing the boy that is featured.


Boy finds picture of old snowman


Boy goes one better and builds both snowman & snowdog


I wanna build a snowdog

The outcome is a little sad but I won’t ruin the story for you 😉

We love this book, it would be hard not to and I’m already planning on buying a copy for my self niece/nephew for Christmas. They really would make a great christmas present.

Book Specs

First name and surname
Hairstyle and colour
Skin tone
Clothes/pj colour
Personal message

Paperback – £17.99:
Full colour matt laminate cover
32 Full colour pages
Perfect bound paperback
Size: 21 x 26.5 cm

Hardback – £24.99:
Matt laminated casebound cover
32 Full colour pages
Perfect bound hardback
Size: 21 x 26.5 cm

This book is available to buy here at the above prices with delivery priced from £2.50.  It is one of six personalised christmas  books available, the others can be found here . Alternatively the full range of personalised books can be viewed at


Although I was sent this book free of charge for review purposes this does not affect my opinion. I have bought from penwizard in the past and plan to do so again.

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