Half Term Was A Week Of Stuff

Last week was half term, we had zero plans. Me & Dad had work to do (working form home is tough in the holidays) and I felt bad about not really doing anything. Except we did – I just didn’t realise.

It started with the weird weather and the crazy sun and ended on a high with a Sunday afternoon cheeseboard. haha.

We went Pumpkin and Squash picking something we’ve never done before and since we’ve moved there is one very close by so it would be rude not to. We made microwave mug donuts. We even had a milestone event of one of the children (almost) replacing an empty toilet roll.


We played loads of games, went coat and shoe shopping for 10. Where he spent his book token and I somehow ended up with a heavy bag for of books and a empty purse.

We went to Leicester to see the Diwali fireworks/go on the big wheel of lights. We went to Birmingham for Burgers and just a day of general merryness.

We went to Nottingham to look for the Sheriff/Buy cheese/see George of the Marvellous Medicine fame.

Had Irn Bru Milkshakes (it sounds so wrong but it honestly works). 


We actually did quite a lot without really doing much at all.

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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Kim Carberry

    It sounds like you had fantastic fun and crammed so much in!
    Irn Bru Milkshakes do sound so wrong but very interesting x


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