Labyrinth – It’s an a ‘maze’ ing game!

With it coming up to Christmas I thought I’d put together some quick reviews of games/ toys we’ve had for quite a while and that we love.

Labyrinth is one of those games. We bought it for Spud last Christmas it was around £10-£15 and it’s still played on a very regular basis. Which is good going, not many things get used time and time again for 11 months!

Spud likes puzzles and mazes so when I stumbled on it trawling page after page of board games on Amazon it caught my eye. I didn’t even know Ravensburger made games – they’re the jigsaw guys right?

It’s for 2 -4 players and usually takes around 20/30 mins to play. The object of the game is to find the items you have on your own playing cards in the maze, while both you and the other players move the maze on each turn. I may not be explaining it very well but it is quite simple in principle. It requires a bit of strategising and a fair bit of luck. I like it because it makes him think about not just about this move, but how it will effect the next move and so on.

I also like the fact that as there is quite a bit of luck involved the kids can win too. You see I’m one of those parents who don’t let their kids win, but in this game it is just as easy for anyone to win.

The game is suitable for children 7+, but it’s not like older kids will find it boring and hide it away. It is great for older kids and grown ups too. Me and the Mr are hooked on it too.

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