Marley’s World – Book Review

Marley’s World are series of books based on the adventures of Marley (obvs) a cat. We were sent a book from the seven continent box set series to review. (North America). The books are written and illustrated by Gemma Byers.

First things first, I’m a sucker for nice packaging and the book came wrapped in paw print paper so that pretty much won me over from the start 😉

I had a peep at the book, rewrapped it and gave it to Spud. I guess he liked the paper too as I’ve never seen him unwrap something so carefully in his life. He is a bookworm and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!
Initially I was worried he wouldn’t enjoy it so much, as it’s quite a small book and he reads big hefty chapter books, but I needn’t have. There is plenty of information in it to teach him (and admittedly me at one point) about the different animals that can be found in North America. It is very well written and easy to understand.

The book we received was part of a set of seven and when bought as a set it comes with a gift box priced at £24.99, alternatively they can be bought alone for £3.99.
Other books available include Marley’s Underwater World & Marley’s Dinosaur World. With much more in the pipeline.

Gemma is also currently designing Marley and the Last Rhino which she will be supporting a Rhino charity with.

She is currently offering 15% off for you lucky people for the Marley’s World Books until the end of July Using the code: mummyblogger BUY HERE

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