More Cheese Gromit!!

I like cheese. A lot. All the best people do! Last weekend was the Melton Mowbray Artisan Cheese Fair – The UK’s LARGEST dedicated cheese fair. I’m I pride myself in my dedication to cheese, so obviously we went! Hurrah!

The were 70ish cheese makers who make between them 300 cheeses including some of the UK’s rarest cheeses. I had planned to try them all obvs. Tickets on the day were £5 per adult and children were free. We bought ours in advance for £4 each – not wanting to arrive and not be allowed in then having to make do with a trip to the Aldi facing for cheese (no offence Aldi).

May not have tried all the cheese, I gave it a bloody good effort though but I am strategic in these situations. I didn’t try anything I’d had before and stayed away from the normal stuff like cheddar and mozzerella. Cheese sweats are something to be enjoyed in your own home not in a very public place.

It wasn’t all cheese though there were meats, cakes, beer, cakes, wine, cakes, cider, cak macarons, spirits and of course with it being Melton Mowbray – pork pies! There were also some craft stalls selling various decorative things. It’s safe to say that there was plenty to see and sample. Some of the stalls were selling fresh milkshakes which were lovely too!

We was sure how long we could get away with being there with the kids to be honest but they seemed to be enjoying it. As sensible parents we know that a meal of only cheese is not a balanced diet for them but luckily there were plenty of options for lunch we followed our noses and headed for the guy doing a whole hog roast and got some pretty hefty sandwiches to share. the Mr is a sucker for pizzas so when we saw they were available we had to try them of course. They even had some Morris Dancers there – who doesn’t love them?


We came home with quite a large selection of items, even though we were trying to show some restraint, and a rather empty wallet 🙂

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  1. 7 months ago
    Amy @ Arty apple

    I love cheese! We’re going camping to Wensleydale soon – apparently there’s a cheese factory, how exciting!?! x


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