No it’s not a hat boy…

This innocent little object has ha a strange effect on my life. I started using it a few months back (not the one pictured – thought that might be weird) and when it came Spud opened the package as he often does. What is it with kids and boxes?

He got it out and said ‘is it a hat?’

At first I didn’t get it but after a few days I realised what he meant. Do you remember when innocent made hats for their smoothies? Well we got a few and Spud used them on Woody & Buzz when it was cold. He thought it was something like that.


Not To Be Confused For Winter Sanitary Products.

Then a few weeks later I has an appointment at the hospital with a Gynaecologist. On one of the 673 forms I was asked to fill in and take with me was the Question ‘How many tampons/towels do you use each day of your period?’ I left it blank as I didn’t know what to put.

Fast forward to my appointment and the nice Dr Lady asked me about this so I explained that I used a cup and was unsure what to put.

She was lost – utter look of confusion on her face.

Bear in mind this is a lady who’s job is it to know the ins and outs of a womens reproductive system and probably spends a slighty disturbing amount of time talking about periods.

I had shocked her, no not because I’m a medical oddity. But because of the bizarre notion of reusable products. I kid you not.

We then spent a while chatting about this and she was amazed. (Check me out teaching the DR!). I left and came away thinking how can she not have heard of this? How can I be the first person she’s seen that uses reusables?

I’m dying to ask her if she’s a convert of my next appointment? What do you think?

Should I?

  1. 7 months ago
    Emma - Me, The Man & The Kids

    I cannot believe she has never heard of one! You had me giggling at ‘Not To Be Confused For Winter Sanitary Products.’ 😀

    • 7 months ago

      Haha. I completely forgot I’d wrote that!


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